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Posted: September 20, 2022

Tuesday, Sept 20th: Join ASD-N and ASD-W Science Leads at 3:30 for a Grade 3-5 Science 'Takeaway'. We will share a 10 min. takeaway, a few quick updates, followed by a few minutes for questions, suggestions and sharing. 

Nominate a deserving Teacher today!

At the end of last year, we sent out the ASD-N Planning and Priorities Survey asking you to reflect on the most urgent priorities and areas of need for professional learning as we move to recover from the many (and ongoing) disruptions we have experienced since March 2020. According to you, engagement, learning, and mental fitness are three major areas of need.  

We know that putting resources directly into the hands of teachers is one of the most effective ways to address collective challenges. We know, as well, that responding to these unique challenges requires a level of individual and collective innovation.  We are, therefore, happy to be able to offer up to $1500 in grant money to support the innovative ideas and plans that you have to address these challenges 

What might this look like? This will look different in every classroom and could include the following: 


  • Collaborating with other teachers and/or district supports to explore different learning models to address learning loss.  
  • Developing a more personalized approach to learning through project-based or inquiry learning. 
  • Addressing and supporting the mental health of students and teachers.  
  • Other creative ideas that you may have. 


You know your learners and their needs best, and we look forward to receiving your applications! 

Deadline for applications is December 10th 

Click below for the application form

Posted: November 8, 2021


ASD-N Climate Education Capacity Building Grants 

New Brunswickers Sharing Existing Success and Supporting Innovative Solutions


Calling all educators: How are you increasing awareness about climate change? How are you taking action to reduce your carbon footprint? To support your professional growth, you are encouraged to apply for a grant related to Climate Education and reducing your carbon footprint


We are now accepting applications for individual educator grants ($250.00-$1000.00), as well as PLC/Team applications for ($500.00-$2500.00).  These funds are specifically for building educator capacity in taking climate action. We encourage you to keep a Learning Log of your actions for future related certifications and designations. If your grant is selected, you will be required to complete a post survey and participate in the Climate Change Education Showcase.  The district will approve the grants on a rolling basis until December 10, 2021, or the funds have been exhausted. Funds have to be spent by March 25th, 2022. Please note that we would like to highlight the Buy New Brunswick First policy and that all purchases should be as environmentally sustainable as possible. 


ASD-N Climate Education Capacity Building Grant: Electronic application form


For more information and resources please see the attached document.


There is also a site available to support Climate Action Education at: You will find resources and PL opportunities, as well as a draw contest for 6 different sets of Climate Education Resource Libraries, available in French and English 

October 4-10 2021 - World Space Week Resources - Canadian Space Agency Activities

October 14 2021 - Deadline for Best Buy School Tech Grant Applications

October 2021 - Cross-Currcular / STEAM Project Funding - Brilliant Labs

October 2021 - Smarter Science D2L Course (Gr. 3-8 Teachers) - Email

ASD-N Climate Action Project Grants



LSF is now offering Outdoor Learning Webinars

More and more, educators are understanding the benefits of extending classroom learning outside for student well-being, engagement and enhanced learning.  Now, in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor learning is more important than ever.

LSF has always supported outdoor learning as a tool for sustainability and inquiry education. We have collected some excellent resources on to help you take the first steps outside! 

Check out past sessions below and visit R4R to register for upcoming webinars. 


  • Mon, Oct 26: Taking Math Outdoors: Finding Curriculum in Your Schoolyard (K-6)
  • Tue, Oct 27: Getting Started: Bringing Curriculum Outdoors (for beginners)* (6-8)
  • Wed, Oct 28: Community Partners: Where to Find Them & How to Use Them (K-8)
  • Thu, Oct 29: Finding Curriculum Outdoors* (K-6)
  • Tue, Nov 3: Outdoor Learning: What do Principals Need to Know?* (Principals & VPs)
  • Tue, Nov 3: Outdoor Learning & STEAM* (7-12)
  • Wed, Nov 4: Staying Outside: Tips for November/December (K-6)
  • Wed, Nov 4: Allons Dehors! Ressources et Idées (K-8) - en français!
  • Thu, Nov 5: Reading the Trail: Bringing Picture Books Outdoors* (K-6)
*repeat of a previous session, in case you missed it!
You can register for upcoming webinars at
November 16th, 2020
Cost: Free

Join fellow educators from across Canada in a digital literacy summit focused on enhancing blended and online learning teaching techniques. Our keynote and spotlight speakers, panel discussions, and Twitter chat will focus on topics that will help spark ideas and inspire you to create learning environments which give your students voice and choice. Webinars will provide ready-to-use, curriculum-aligned resources that you can use with your students right away! Want to broaden your network? Come hang out in our virtual staff room in the Brightspace discussion board or on Twitter using #DigiLitxLTS where you can connect with educators who are navigating blended and online learning and where you can benefit from shared resources.

For more information, including session details, go to:

Posted: September 14, 2020

National Geographic’s free online courses for educators equip teachers with powerful tools to transform their classrooms. Through these courses, educators build their own skills and knowledge so they can foster the mindset of a National Geographic Explorer in their students. National Geographic online professional learning courses vary in their lengths and schedules so that busy educators can find a program that fits their needs.

Courses are open to any educator from anywhere in the world who works with students in either a formal or informal setting. In many of our courses, learners can earn graduate credits through our university partnerships. Read more about our available courses below:

National Geographic online Professional Learning Opportunity: Online Courses


Check out the second edition of ScIC Unconference for Cool Teachers focused on practical advice for your virtual classroom! Click to learn more and sign up!


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