2021-22 Innovative Learning Grants! Application due Dec 10 2021

Posted: November 30, 2021

At the end of last year, we sent out the ASD-N Planning and Priorities Survey asking you to reflect on the most urgent priorities and areas of need for professional learning as we move to recover from the many (and ongoing) disruptions we have experienced since March 2020. According to you, engagement, learning, and mental fitness are three major areas of need.  

We know that putting resources directly into the hands of teachers is one of the most effective ways to address collective challenges. We know, as well, that responding to these unique challenges requires a level of individual and collective innovation.  We are, therefore, happy to be able to offer up to $1500 in grant money to support the innovative ideas and plans that you have to address these challenges 

What might this look like? This will look different in every classroom and could include the following: 


  • Collaborating with other teachers and/or district supports to explore different learning models to address learning loss.  
  • Developing a more personalized approach to learning through project-based or inquiry learning. 
  • Addressing and supporting the mental health of students and teachers.  
  • Other creative ideas that you may have. 


You know your learners and their needs best, and we look forward to receiving your applications! 

Deadline for applications is December 10th 

Click below for the application form