Learning for a Sustainable Future - New Webinars!

Posted: October 21, 2020

LSF is now offering Outdoor Learning Webinars

More and more, educators are understanding the benefits of extending classroom learning outside for student well-being, engagement and enhanced learning.  Now, in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor learning is more important than ever.

LSF has always supported outdoor learning as a tool for sustainability and inquiry education. We have collected some excellent resources on R4R.ca to help you take the first steps outside! 

Check out past sessions below and visit R4R to register for upcoming webinars. 


  • Mon, Oct 26: Taking Math Outdoors: Finding Curriculum in Your Schoolyard (K-6)
  • Tue, Oct 27: Getting Started: Bringing Curriculum Outdoors (for beginners)* (6-8)
  • Wed, Oct 28: Community Partners: Where to Find Them & How to Use Them (K-8)
  • Thu, Oct 29: Finding Curriculum Outdoors* (K-6)
  • Tue, Nov 3: Outdoor Learning: What do Principals Need to Know?* (Principals & VPs)
  • Tue, Nov 3: Outdoor Learning & STEAM* (7-12)
  • Wed, Nov 4: Staying Outside: Tips for November/December (K-6)
  • Wed, Nov 4: Allons Dehors! Ressources et Idées (K-8) - en français!
  • Thu, Nov 5: Reading the Trail: Bringing Picture Books Outdoors* (K-6)
*repeat of a previous session, in case you missed it!
You can register for upcoming webinars at http://resources4rethinking.ca/en/outdoor-learning