Posted: May 26, 2016

On Wednesday May 25th the sun was shining, the thermostat was reading over 25 and summer was in the air but this did not stop students at Rexton Elementary from eagerly returning to school from 6pm-7pm to participate in Family Math Night.

Posted: May 23, 2016

STEMfest 2016

Posted: May 20, 2016

Superior Middle School recently hosted an" Invention Convention" sponsored by The Learning Partnership and their I3 Program. Students presented all kinds of neat and innovative creations including everything from shoes that grow with a child, to slippers that can clean your house! We would like to thank Mr. Dan McKiel from TLP for his continued support and for introducing us to the I3 program and look forward to continuing with it next year, as well as Mr. David Chaisson from Superior Middle, who helped arrange and host this event at SMS.

Posted: April 21, 2016


Posted: April 18, 2016

ASD-N District 2016 STEM Fairs have proven to be a tremendous success! In total ASD-N held four different fairs over the course of three weeks. This involved over 185 projects and close to 300 students participating. Things kicked off during the last week of March with Grade 6-12 events at Bathurst High School & James M. Hill, then followed up with District Fairs at Terry Fox Elementary & Nelson Rural School last week. All of these STEM Fairs would not have been possible without the assistance of on-site organizers who helped our District team out a great deal.

Posted: April 17, 2016

Anglophone North School District students showed they are second to none when it comes to competing at the Provincial level. At the River Valley Regional STEM Fair held at UNB on Friday, April 15th, ASD-N students claimed 9 of the 18 prizes available in the Middle School category. Shannon Bowes (Dr. Losier Middle School) and Elsa Cunnison (Superior Middle School)  both received Gold Awards for their projects, while ASD-N participants also took home 2 Silver and 5 Bronze prizes. The complete list of award winning entries from ASD-N is as follows:

Posted: April 7, 2016

Recently, ASD-N held two Regional STEM Fairs to determine which projects would move on to represent our district at the River Valley Science Fair and to showcase their learning at the upcoming ASD-N STEM Symposium.  Our first Event was the North Shore Regional STEM Fair and it was hosted at BHS.  This event was represented by Campbellton Middle School, Dalhousie Regional High School, Jacquet River School, and Superior Middle School.  Next, the Miramichi River Regional STEM Fair was took place at JMH.

Posted: March 28, 2016

                Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) have been causing a buzz in Anglophone School District North (ASDN) and this was highlighted by the staff and students of Harkins Middle School on Tuesday, March 22nd.

Posted: March 21, 2016

On Saturday, March 19th Rexton Elementary School saw its cafeteria full of students and parents from all corners of Anglophone North School District (ASDN) eager to compete in the 2016 ASDN Chess Tournament.

Posted: March 17, 2016

The Student Superpower Challenge is a a creative, entrepreneurial & innovative competition for Maritime high school students.  Students submitted a proposal to create some cool solutions to the problems they see.  For more information you can check out this site:  (link is external) With over 100 submissions from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, MVHS has made the top 10 for NB with TWO entries...

Beacons for the Community - congrats to Shafkat Ahmed!


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