Microsoft in the Classroom

1PM - 2:30PM
Participate in this interactive forum and experience first-hand how Microsoft solutions can help your class create a modern learning environment.
This session will help you explore the tools, technologies, and resources available for educators to bring 21st-century teaching and learning to the classrooms. The training focuses on transforming the education experience through the intersection of trends, technology, and teaching, and is a great starting point for any teacher considering new ways to optimize technology in the classroom.

During this training session, you will:

  • See examples of rich learning activities that demonstrate how technology can enhance teaching and learning
  • Understand how technology and devices enable new levels of creativity and facilitate better collaboration among students and educators
  • Discover how students can organize their learning, take notes, and become highly efficient in the way they work
  • Learn where to get free resources that spark imagination and inspire learning
  • Find out how to access free online professional development for educators
  • See how students can continue learning where they left off—from any place, at any time, across all of their devices—truly break down the classroom walls!