Centres of Excellence PL Opportunities (Gr. 3-8)

Posted: January 18, 2023

We are very pleased to partner with the Centres of Excellence to offer two fantastic PL Opportunities on Jan 24th and 26th. The January 24th session will be a supper PL for Gr. 3-5 Teachers and the January 26th PL will be a full day for Gr. 6-8 Science Teachers. Please see below for more information and to register (Max 20 participants per session). The majority of these resources are currently in English but with French in the works for most.


Gr. 3-5 Science PL Opportunity: Inquiry Resources to Support the New 3-5 Science Curriculum  

Date: Tuesday January 24th 4pm-6pm  

Audience: Grade 3-5 Teachers (Max 20) 

Location: Miramichi Ed Center (Upstairs Conference Room) 

Hosted by: ASD-N Science and the Centre of Excellence   



Supper + PL + Free Ready-to-Use Classroom Resources = 1 incredible evening!  Join the Centre of Excellence for Energy lead, Adam Trider and K-5 Learning Specialist, Amy Tompkins for an opportunity to explore, try, and take-away 2 cross-curricular activities to implement immediately into your classroom: Tiny Homes Exploratory Kit & The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Book and STEM activity.  Guaranteed to bring a little mess, deep learning, and a lot of joy to you and your students! 

Register Here - Jan 24th Supper PL (Gr. 3-5 Teachers) 


Gr. 6-8 Science PL Opportunity: Energy Resource Planning to Support the New 6-8 Science Curriculum 
Date: Thursday February 16th 9am-3pm 

Audience: Grade 6-8 Teachers (Max 20)  

Location: Miramichi Ed Center (Upstairs Conference Room) 

Hosted by: ASD-N Science and the Centre of Excellence for Energy  



Teachers will first take part in a 1-hour session to learn about how the Inksmith Climate Action Energy Kits can support the new Grade 6-8 Science Curriculum.The remainder of the morning, COE Energy lead, Adam Trider will speak about resources and funding available and will facilitate an Energy activity that will directlysupport the new curriculum.  The afternoon will be an opportunity for teachers to collaborate, co-plan and share/create resources.  

Register Here – Feb 16th Full Day PL (Gr. 6-8 Teachers)  (Please ensure you have permission from your administrator prior to registering)



If you are unable to attend, and your school would be interested in hosting one of these types of sessions in the future or at a different location or time, please reach out to Krista Nowlan, or to Adam Trider or Amy Tompkins with the Centres of Excellence.


Krista Nowlan

Science Lead

Anglophone North School District