STEM Fair 2017 Golden Ticket and eTicket Winners

Posted: April 5, 2017

ASD-N STEM Fair at JMH April 1, 2017

Our ASD-N STEM Fairs for 2017 have come and gone but not without some incredible projects and participation from students, parents, teacher and the community.  Between the North Shore and Miramichi River STEM Fairs we had 142 students present 100 unique projects that varied from science experiments about diapers and sunscreen to innovations in cutting lasagna and receiving a text message when your laundry is done.  Students also had a chance to participate in STEM activities and they came away with even more excitement about STEM!

A very big congratulation to all participating students, especially those receiving Golden Tickets and eTickets awarded to the top six projects for each grade category from each district fair.  Golden Ticket winners (grades 6 -12) qualify for provincials and all Ticket and eTicket winners are invited to share their project at STEM Fest Saturday, May 13 2017 and be entered in to prize draws that only they can win.  A summary of winners is below and on behalf of the ASD-N STEM team, a thank you to all students, parents, relatives and teachers for their continued passion and support towards an engaging STEM Education!

Golden Tickets Grades 9 -12:


Project Title


Emily McCabe & Josh Benoit

Vinyl Cutting (Sticker Vinyl with Signs)


Jackson Lirette

The BLE Device


Kevin Martin-Savoie

Basic Pulse Motor


Mari Carmen Garcia Perez &  Sofia Trigo Anca

Introduction to 3D Printing


Nina Schaefer & Vera Santamaria de Bustos

Vinyl Cutting/Heating Press



Golden Tickets Grades 6-8:


Project Title


Areeb Rasul

R.I.S.E. (Robotic, Interactive, Scientific, Experiment)

Superior Middle

Zachary Poirier

Electro Magnetic Stick

Superior Middle

Kendyl Daley

Spot the Rot

Superior Middle

Jenna Kong

Think Before You Drink

Superior Middle

Emma Boylan

How Strong is Your Spaghetti

Superior Middle

Jessica Smith

Solar Panel Charger

Superior Middle

Laken McCarthy & Lydia Barry

Le Pouvoir De Repousser

Dr. Losier Middle

Alexandre Comeau

As Tu Laver Test Main?

Dr. Losier Middle

Evan Valanne & Owen Amos

Qui Sais Plus Appro Pos des Fruits

Gretna Green

Gazi Anika Bushra

Not So Green Sunscreen

Dr. Losier Middle

Lily Glazier

Grip Strength…it’s More than You Think!

Miramichi Rural

Grayson Harris

Smart Wash

Dr. Losier Middle


Golden eTickets Grades K-5:


Project Title


Aiden Driscoll

Coastal Wind

Janeville Elementary

Charles Furlotte-Tonks

Are Goldfish Trainable?

Parkwood Heights

Lexi-Lyn Good

Flower H2O Power


Ava Silver & Sadie Smith



Owen Driscoll & Brody Daley

Chemical Energy

Janeville Elementary

Isaac Chamberlain

Bouncing Egg

Parkwood Heights

Emma Matchett & Keira Waye

Diaper Duty

Gretna Green Elementary

Max Green

Methane as a Fuel

Millerton Elementary

Ava Godfrey & Ellie Matheson

Emergency Flashlight

St. Andrews

Ben Allen

Scratch Coding Demo

Ian Baillie

Ty Matchett

Stain Remover Myth Buster

North & South Esk

Andi Ryder & Evelyn Rose Walker

123 Is It Clean?

North & South Esk