Arbor Scientific Slow Motion Video Contest

Posted: December 9, 2016

Have an idea for a project or science investigation that involves slow motion video?  As a teacher, you can win a $100 gift certificate from Arbor Scientific and a feature on their blog and the cool stuff eNewletter.  Slow motion video can be captureed using most recent smartphones, but if you want excellent quality look in to using the Egertronic Super Slow Motion Camera owned by ASD-N.  Sample videos can be found on a YouTube playlist here ASD-N Super Slow Motion Sample Videos.  Contact Peter MacDonald ( (link sends e-mail)) to inquire about slow motion science videos and using the Egertronic Camera.

For more details, rules and to enter the Arbor Scientific slow motion challenge follow the links here: Arbor Scientific Slow Motion Video Contest. You have until January 31st 2017 to enter your 1-minute video