3D Print Contest at Jalloo - June 10th - 10:30 am

Posted: May 31, 2016

3D Print Contest at Jalloo.net - check out the schedule of events


{Art}iculated designs and judged during the Open House JALLOO OPEN HOUSE: Showcase & Arcade.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing, for the past few years in the vital driving force in schools. We need your brilliant 3D print designs. Get on a 3D modeling program and/or 3D scanner and start to create, construct, and innovate! Build something cool, useful, or just fun. A lot of schools now have 3D Printers. It is time to have a 3D print competition! Participants are asked to not only 3D print an object representing a STEM device which has some type of articulation or moving parts.

Represent your school with a 3D STEM print. There will be three winners chosen by APEGNB Members/Brilliant Labs –

Prizes for the top three designs.

Design Guidelines

· Cannot be downloaded from Thinkiverse

· Must have two moving parts – Articulated designs

· Artistic features, articulated design, quality of print, complexity, practical use are some of the judging criteria